Our Vision

Northeast Raleigh is a highly diverse suburb where countless people relentlessly pursue the American Dream, often watching with frustration as it passes by.  Real people like us often miss Jesus and, therefore, have trouble loving one another.  What would it look like for a church in Northeast Raleigh to help people see Jesus and bring them together in his name? We believe it would look like 

All people worshiping one Lord together in multi-ethnic communities.


All People

After the resurrection, Jesus called those following him to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19).  And in the book of Acts, we see these followers gather new disciples from diverse backgrounds into communities called churches.  Paul sees these churches as God’s primary means of communicating about Jesus and displaying His greatness in the world (Eph 3:10).



As the real Jesus becomes more visible, the people who God has created in His image also become more visible in all their diversity.  Rather than limiting ourselves to enclaves, we can move intentionally towards people who aren’t like us and learn from them as they teach us new things about what our creator is like.  As we gather in multi-ethnic communities, we begin to look like the future redeemed people of God, brought together from every tribe and language and nation.



One Lord

Everyone needs to see that satisfaction comes not in the relentless pursuit of the good life but in the new life Jesus alone provides.  Real freedom comes not from trusting our performance but in the grace Jesus alone shows us.  Our true identity can never be found in what we consume but in the rest Jesus alone brings.  Our guilt cannot be overcome without the redemptive word Jesus alone speaks.

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